Saturday, February 23, 2008

From Caves to SRK

We got up and started our last day in India. Directly behind the Gate of India we caught a ferry for the 1 hour ride to Elephanta Island. On the island are ancient caves that have been dug out to create places of worship. In the large main cave there are huge magnificent carvings of the various Hindu Gods. The trip to the caves is great experience, better than we expected.

Afterwards when we returned, some more shopping then we checked out of the Taj about 4pm. The Taj Palace is an incredible place, if you go to Mumbai that is where you should stay, especially in the old wing. Our driver then took us to a very exclusive couture tailor what I ordered a custom made suit. Never have I had so many measurements taken. The suit should show up in about 6 weeks. Cathy ordered a Kurta.

We then drove to Shah Rhuh Khan’s home: Mannat in Lands End Bandra where many of the Bollywood stars live. SRK as he is known or King Khan, is the biggest movie star in the world. He is far bigger than and US Star. His movies play to huge box offices. He is great, and we have seen many of his movies. SRK didn’t invite us in. Oh well. As you can see from the picture, his home consists of an original old mansion and a recently constructed 7 story building that resembles a hotel in which he actually lives. The area of Lands End is right on the water, but highly congested. It does not have the spacious Beverly Hills Feeling with big lawns.

We had our last Indian Dinner at Taj Hotel Lands End. Indians eat late, lunch is often at 2:30 dinner 8:30 or 9:00. We tried to eat at the restaurant at the hotel and it didn’t even open till 7:30. Our driver then drove us the Bombay Airport, for the usual chaos. We had a 12:30 am flight to Bangkok which arrived at 7:00am local time. With a bottle of wine at dinner and a sleeping pill on the plane we slept most of the way.

We checked into the hotel. I had an early morning massage at the Hotel’s very posh health club. Off to downtown Bangkok for the day. We have a 6:00am flight to Tokyo and Home tomorrow morning.


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